The Cleansing Blood of Jesus

11 May 2016

“‘The blood of Jesus his Son cleanses us from every sin.’ It is not exactly ‘all sin’ in the general sense, but every sin, every item. What does it mean? Oh, it is a marvelous thing! God is in the light, and as we walk in the light with him everything is exposed and open to that light, so that God can see it all—and yet the Blood is able to cleanse from every sin. What a cleansing!”

From The Normal Christian Life by Watchman Nee (mass-distribution ed., p. 17). Bibles for America gives this book away for free. You can order your free copy here.

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What Kind of Person Can Be Saved?

09 May 2016


We sometimes receive questions from our readers, and while we can’t always answer each one, we thought our response to one reader’s inquiry on what kind of person can be saved might be helpful to many others. Below is our response, still in letter form.

Dear Reader,

Thank you for the question you sent in response to the post “How Can I Be Sure I’m Really Saved?” on our blog. You were concerned that you were not the kind of person that could be saved.

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Faith Replacing the Law

04 May 2016

Galatians 1:23—“But they only heard this: He who was formerly persecuting us is now announcing as the gospel the faith which formerly he ravaged.”

Note 2 on faith says: “The faith here and in all the verses of reference 23b implies our believing in Christ, taking His person and His redemptive work as the object of our faith. The faith, replacing the law, by which God dealt with people in the Old Testament, became the principle by which God deals with people in the New Testament. This faith characterizes the believers in Christ and distinguishes them from the keepers of law. This is the main emphasis of this book. The law of the Old Testament stresses letters and ordinances, whereas the faith of the New Testament emphasizes the Spirit and life.”

Cross-reference “b” on faith directs us to the following verses:

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3 Benefits of Reading the Bible Every Day

02 May 2016


Daily Bible reading is an excellent habit that can benefit every Christian in many ways. We’ll discuss three main benefits in this post.

We’re fed by the Word

When we read the Bible, we’re fed by God’s Word and supplied for our Christian life. Jesus mentioned this in Matthew 4:4 when He said,

“Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that proceeds out through the mouth of God.”

Other verses in the Bible also make it clear that God’s Word is nourishment to us. For example, 1 Peter 2:2 says,

“As newborn babes, long for the guileless milk of the word in order that by it you may grow unto salvation.”

And in the Old Testament, Jeremiah 15:16 says,

“Your words were found and I ate them, and Your word became to me the gladness and joy of my heart.”

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Our Only Qualification

27 Apr 2016

“Every time we come before God, our only qualification is that we have been redeemed, not that we have advanced in our Christian life.”

From The Glorious Church by Watchman Nee (mass-distribution ed., p. 88). Bibles for America gives this book away for free. You can order your free copy here. You can also download a free PDF version here.


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How to Maintain the Joy of Our Salvation

25 Apr 2016


When the love of the Lord Jesus first touched us and we repented and confessed His name, a previously unknown joy filled our hearts. What a joy it was to be forgiven and born again! God wants us to continue to be joyful in His wonderful salvation for our whole life. And this isn’t only for a select few; it’s normal for all God’s children, as we see in 1 Peter 1:8: “You exult with joy that is unspeakable and full of glory.”

We can never lose our eternal salvation, but we have to admit that at times we lose the joy of our salvation. Let’s look at two reasons why that is, how we can recover our joy in the Lord, and what habits we can develop to have a joyful daily life.

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The Meaning of Christ’s Redemption

20 Apr 2016

Romans 3:24—“Being justified freely by His grace through the redemption which is in Christ Jesus.”

Note 3 on redemption says: “To redeem is to purchase back at a cost. We originally belonged to God but became lost through sin. The requirements of God’s holiness, righteousness, and glory were so great upon us that it was impossible for us to fulfill them. However, God paid the price for us through Christ, repossessing us at a tremendous cost. Christ died on the cross to redeem us (Gal. 3:13; Titus 2:14; 1 Pet. 2:24; 3:18); His blood obtained eternal redemption for us (1 Pet. 1:18-19).”

The verse and note are from the Recovery Version, published by Living Stream Ministry. The Recovery Version outlines, footnotes, and cross-references were all prepared by Witness Lee. Bibles for America gives away the New Testament Recovery Version for free. You can order your free copy here.

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A Life-Changing Discovery: My Spirit

18 Apr 2016


It’s interesting how we can read the Bible, even repeatedly, and miss something important. For example, we probably remember that the Bible mentions the Holy Spirit many times, but what about the human spirit? It may surprise you to know that the human spirit is mentioned scores of times in both the Old and New Testaments.

To see the place our human spirit occupies in God’s purpose and in our Christian life can be a life-changing discovery, enlightening our understanding and leading us into a real and living relationship with the Lord.

In previous posts, we discussed how God created us as a three-part being with a spirit, soul, and body, and what the difference between the soul and the spirit is. This post will focus specifically on our spirit, the deepest part of our being and the key to all spiritual experience.

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The Quenching of Our Spiritual Thirst

13 Apr 2016

“Many times you are thirsty—not thirsty in your physical body, but thirsty in your spirit. When you come athirst to the Lord and contact Him, you have a certain sense within you. You feel refreshed, you feel watered.”

From The All-Inclusive Christ by Witness Lee (mass-distribution ed., p. 38). Bibles for America gives this book away for free. You can order your free copy here. You can also download a free PDF version here.

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What Is the Church according to the Bible?

11 Apr 2016


People, even Christians, have many concepts about what the church is. But what is the church exactly? Is the church a building Christians go to on Sundays to worship? Is the church an organization of people who believe in Jesus Christ? To discover what God’s thought is concerning the church, we must come to the Bible.

While we can’t cover this enormous matter in a single blog post, we’ll begin to look at what the church is according to God’s Word.

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