The Sweetness and Satisfaction of Christ

02 Mar 2016

“If you enjoy Christ as the resurrected One and by the power of His resurrection you live the life of Jesus on this earth to suffer all kinds of pressure, persecutions, troubles and conflicts, you will realize the sweetness and satisfaction of Christ within you, and you will manifest the beauty and the abundance of life to others.”

From The All-Inclusive Christ by Witness Lee (mass-distribution ed., pp. 60-61). Bibles for America gives this book away for free. You can order your free copy here. You can also download a free PDF version here.

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Jesus the Lamb of God

29 Feb 2016


The Lamb of God is a precious name referring to the Lord Jesus. Perhaps you’ve heard it before, or remember reading it in the Word. Many of us may have sung it in Christian songs and hymns to praise the Lord as the Lamb of God. To increase our appreciation of our Lord Jesus as the Lamb of God, let’s dive into the meaning and importance of this profound name of Christ in the Bible.

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Worshipping God in Spirit and Truthfulness

24 Feb 2016

John 4:24—“God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truthfulness.”

Note 4 on spirit: “This is our human spirit. According to typology, God should be worshipped (1) in the place chosen by God for His habitation (Deut. 12:5, 11, 13-14, 18), and (2) with the offerings (Lev. 1—6). The place chosen by God for His habitation typifies the human spirit, where God’s habitation is today (Eph. 2:22). The offerings typify Christ; Christ is the fulfillment and reality of all the offerings with which the people worshipped God. Hence, when the Lord instructed the woman to worship God the Spirit in spirit and truthfulness, He meant that she should contact God the Spirit in her spirit instead of in a specific location, and through Christ instead of with the offerings. Since Christ, as the reality that issues in the human virtue of truthfulness, has come (vv. 25-26), all the shadows and types are over.”

Cross-reference “a” on in spirit directs us to the following verse:

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8 Verses Showing Jesus Christ Lives in You [Infographic]

22 Feb 2016

In 2 Corinthians 13:5 the apostle Paul asks the Corinthian believers a question: “Or do you not realize about yourselves that Jesus Christ is in you?”

In saying, “Jesus Christ is in you,” Paul wasn’t speaking metaphorically. He truly meant that Jesus Christ literally dwells within the believers. Christ is not merely outside of us in the heavens; He dwells within us, living in and with us all the time.

In a previous post, we discussed 8 verses that show Jesus Christ lives in us, and here we have a new infographic highlighting each one. We hope you enjoy these wonderful verses, as well as the many other verses in the Bible that confirm Jesus Christ dwells in His believers.

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Being Kept, Ruled, Governed, and Guided by the Lord’s Presence

17 Feb 2016

“We must learn to be kept, to be ruled, to be governed, to be guided simply by the presence of the Lord. We must tell the Lord that we do not want anything but His direct presence.”

From The All-Inclusive Christ by Witness Lee (mass-distribution ed., p. 119). Bibles for America gives this book away for free. You can order your free copy here. You can also download a free PDF version here.

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Where Does God Live Today?

15 Feb 2016


Our God is exceedingly great.

You only have to look up at the stars at night to see how wondrous He is as the Creator. When we view the physical universe, we’re awed by His greatness and beauty. Yet though His magnificence fills us with wonder, God sometimes seems far away from our personal universe.

We know God is real, but as we go about our daily activities and even when we pray, it can seem like He’s distant from us, way up in the heavens. At times we might find ourselves asking, “God, where are You?”

We long to access, to contact, to be close to this Person we’ve believed in. And on God’s side, He wants to be close to us, too. In fact, God wants to live in us and to have an intimate and personal relationship with each one of us. So He did some significant things to make this possible.

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Receiving the Supply of the Spirit

10 Feb 2016

Galatians 3:5—“He therefore who bountifully supplies to you the Spirit and does works of power among you, does He do it out of the works of law or out of the hearing of faith?”

Note 1 on bountifully supplies: “The Greek word means supplies fully, bountifully, and liberally. See Phil. 1:19. On God’s side, He supplies the Spirit bountifully; on our side, we receive the Spirit. Day by day a marvelous divine transmission takes place: God supplies and we receive. The way to open ourselves to this heavenly transmission to receive the supply of the all-inclusive life-giving Spirit is to exercise our spirit to pray and call on the Lord.”

Cross-reference “a” on supplies directs us to the following verse:

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What Does God Want from Us in Our Christian Life?

08 Feb 2016


We Christians naturally want to please God and make Him happy. But what exactly makes God happy?

To please God, we first need to know what He wants. Otherwise, we can spend a lot of time doing things we think He wants, but end up not pleasing Him. Let’s take a look at what we think God wants, and what God actually wants for our Christian life.

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The Living Christ Being the Center of God’s Economy

03 Feb 2016

“We must learn to grasp one thing and to be grasped by one thing—Christ Himself. We must learn how to grasp Christ in the Holy Spirit and be grasped by the Holy Spirit. Although we can certainly receive help from doctrine, the main center of God’s economy is not doctrine, but the living One in the Holy Spirit.”

From The Economy of God by Witness Lee (mass-distribution ed., p. 23). Bibles for America gives this book away for free. You can order your free copy here. You can also download a free PDF version here.


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The Third Part

01 Feb 2016


Have you ever felt unsatisfied, let down, even inexplicably empty, after you got what you thought would make you happy?

You’re not alone. This perplexing feeling has been known to strike the most accomplished and wealthy people as well as the less accomplished and less wealthy. In fact, King Solomon had it all—a kingdom, untold wealth, and profound wisdom and knowledge—yet after pondering his life, he said that there was nothing new under the sun, and that everything was vanity.

It’s as if something compels us to find the elusive missing piece that would bring lasting satisfaction. We may pursue a successful career, meaningful relationships, material possessions, or fun and entertainment. But nothing cures that mysterious empty feeling way down inside. Why do we feel this way?

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