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Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ commissioned us to share the gospel in Mark 16:15: “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to all the creation.”

Sharing the gospel with others—our friends, relatives, and people we meet during the course of our day—is part of a normal, healthy Christian life, leading to much joy. Sometimes, though, we may have only a few minutes to say something, or we’re not quite sure what to say.

Bibles for America developed a series of gospel tracts to help people spread the good news of Christ. Now, we’ve turned them into blog posts so that each can be easily shared online. Each tract/post features a short word about God’s eternal salvation and closes with a prayer for the reader to pray to receive the Lord Jesus as their Savior.

1. Freed from the Fear of Death
2. The Third Part
3. The Big Question
4. Lost and Found
5. Is Jesus in Your Boat?
6. The Healing Touch
7. An Unknown God
8. The Word of the Cross
9. No Longer Enemies

The benefits of gospel tracts

Although our testifying of our faith personally to people and our praying for their salvation cannot be replaced, gospel tracts have proven to be very effective in helping people to receive the Lord Jesus as their Savior. There are countless stories of people saved through a tract that was given to them, sometimes by a person they didn’t know. Some have even come to believe in the Lord Jesus by reading a tract they found in the trash!

Here’s how gospel tracts can fill some shortages we may have in our preaching of the gospel:

  • When we’re not exactly sure what we should say, or if we’re shy or find it hard to speak with others about the Lord, we can give them a tract to read.
  • Tracts help us to share the gospel with all kinds of people, even people very different from us in age or background.
  • Sometimes a person can read a tract and receive its serious, honest truth about sin and the need for salvation more easily than by our direct speaking.
  • We can avoid debating and arguing with people by giving them a tract and letting them read it on their own.
  • A tract can speak to a person whenever and wherever they read it; it’s not limited by time or place.
  • We can give tracts out in large numbers to many people at a time, or one by one personally.
  • Every believer, whether bold or shy, eloquent or not, can give away a gospel tract.

We hope you find these free tracts helpful in speaking about the Lord Jesus to those around you. You’re welcome to print and hand them out, share them via social media or email, or read them and talk about what they say with others.

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